Uncle Nate Kana`e – A Great X-mas Gift of Aloha

  • 15 December 2017 6:30pm

In case you cannot tell from the title, Uncle Nate’s visit to Pono this December is viewed by us as a Christmas Gift for which we are incredibly grateful. It takes him and his charming wife Dani, 5 hours or more to drive here from their present home in Reno, AND HE THANKS US FOR LETTING HIM COME AND PLAY. And they do this once or twice a year.

Nate Kana`e white T- shirtTo say that we feel blessed would be a major understatement. Their Christmas visit is just around the corner and you would be advised not to miss it. Unless you are looking for some jazz, blues, rock or reggae – not that he couldn’t play that, and not that I disparage those musical styles – but Uncle Nate is a musician/singer from an early era of Hawaiian music.

I never got to hear most of the old masters at live performances, tho I’ve heard a fair share of music from CDs I have been fortunate to have had introduced to me. Nate Kana`e with his smooth and soothing voice is able to take me far back to a place I hadn’t visited before except through those recordings. I truly hope that you are able to take advantage of this somewhat rare opportunity to time-travel along with us at Pono Hawaiian Grill on December 15th.

Also, hula dancers hopefully will recognize this chance to dance for a master, and will take advantage of it by joining us for this grand evening. As you know, Pono won’t be charging a cover but there will be one of our servers near the door to accept for Nate and Dani any contribution you care to make. They don’t do this for the money, rather I think they come for the joy of bringing the music they love, to share with appreciative folks. The least we can do is try to help with expenses – AND feed them some of Braddah Timmy’s `ono food to go with our love and appreciation.

We hope to see you on that Special Aloha Friday in December.