The Kalama Brothers – First Visit to Pono

  • 17 November 2017 6:30pm

After repeated attempts at getting these real-life brothers up from Southern California, we are FINALLY gonna have it happen on Nov. 17th. The combination of their, and our busy schedules had made finding a date convenient to all extremely, difficult.

Here’s a bit of bio culled from their website;

Ryan and Kai Kalama grew up in Southern California, playing, singing and composing music from an early age. They enjoyed performing in almost any configuration – jamming with a group of friends, teaming up to play for audiences of all sizes, playing nightclubs, and larger stage events. Being lovers of practically all kinds of music, they play a variety of instruments and styles to allow them to experience it all. In addition to playing cover songs, they have composed their own originals which they are always happy to share.Kalama Bros shaka

After years of rock, soul, and blues they came out with an album of Hawaiian songs – originals which they composed, and with participation by their Dad, Ron on a couple of songs. This Cd, “Keau”, has taken them back to their family’s roots as they share the music their father and uncle performed as the original “Kalama Brothers” back in the day. The Cd was released on the “Maui Tribe” record label with Uncle Willie K.

We’re really excited to be able to present them to you here at Pono, with the confidence that because of their versatility and talent in all aspects of music, they will become an immediate hit in Santa Cruz at 120 Union St. – with the news rapidly spreading throughout Northern California.

As always, tho there will be no cover, one of the charming servers will be by the door to receive your donation of $10 or any amount on behalf of the Brothers. Be sure to call, or better yet, bring, your friends so that they may be involved in this first of, hopefully, many visits by these two artists to our town.