Steven Espaniola Back for a Summer Visit

  • 4 August 2017 6:30pm

Like I said in an earlier posting, the musician scheduling “business” is certainly a “catch as catch can” type affair. After a more than a 2-yr drought, of not having our good friend Steven on stage, WE GET HIM AGAIN only 5 weeks later. We are overjoyed at this, and you should be as well.

Steven no hatWhen he was here in June he pretty much quieted the crowd with his slack key guitar work and beautiful singing. I always get “good kine” chills when he sings some of his “leo ki`eki`e” (falsetto) songs that he shares in such a mesmerizing way. Besides falsetto, he sings lots of the classics that hula dancers so love to dance to, so if you dance and know the song, be sure not to be shy (not allowed at Pono).

I’m sure he will bring his award winning CDs to sell – hopefully by his beautiful “salesgirl”, daughter Kawena. She was a great help last time he was here. I hope they are able to schedule some “playtime” in Santa Cruz this trip.

And when Steven comes, the place fills quickly so best not be late, and if you want to do something REALLY kind for your friends, tell them (or bring them) about this Aug. 4th. Aloha Friday. You probably remember that Pono doesn’t have a cover charge or sell tickets, but there will be one of our servers at the door to accept a $10 (or whatever) donation for Steven that you may care to make. Hope to see you on August 4th’s Aloha Friday.