“POMAIKA`I” – JD, Ray (Kala Blind) & Art, with Kanoe

  • 27 October 2017 6:30pm

In this part of Northern California – in – Monterey and San Francisco Bay Areas and beyond – and inland as well, “swapping” seems to be a common occurrence. Fortunately, we’re NOT talking about wife swapping like they did some 20-30 years ago. These days it’s about swapping and borrowing band members. It can be a bit confusing at times, trying to know just who will be taking the stage. But hey, a little mystery is always fun, right?

So at Pono on Oct. 27th, we are happy to present an “All-Star Team” of musicians appearing under the name of the organizer of the squad. “Pomaika`i” is the name of the band, and also one of John David Puli’s many names, and is also the name of his beautiful and super-cool girlfriend. For non-Hawaiian language speakers like me who likely won’t know the meaning of the word, a simple explanation would be; lucky, good luck, blessed, good fortune, and prosperous. Good name for a band, huh?

Of the 4 members who will be coming to Pono (so I’m told), two I have known for a pretty long time, while one I’ve seen dance a good number of times, and one who I’ve heard several times but due to distance, not yet gotten here. We are finally getting Ray to Pono – after many invitations.

Bassist,`ukulele player and falsetto singer extraordinaire, J.D. Puli is a fairly regular guest at Pono – most often as member of “Ka Nalu Hawaiian Band” and others. Art “Don’t ask me. I’m just the Bassman” Sap seldom gets down this way, so it is a trill to get him on the stage. Ray is simply an AWESOME `ukulele player who moved to the Bay Area about 6 or so years ago, I think. If you’ve not heard him play, you are in for an unbelievble treat.

Lastly is a truly beautiful hula dancer who also sings – prolly not at the same time tho. Kanoe has been dancing hula practically since birth, being the daughter of two GREAT dancers, and we’ve been fortunate to have her here before, and are greatly anticipating this visit. Hula dancers from all over are invited and encouraged to kick off your slippahs and take to the floor when you know the song. Lastly, as your know, we don’t have a cover charge but will have one of our servers by the door to receive, for the band, your $10 (or whatever) donation to reward them for their efforts.