“POMAIKA`I ” – JD, Ray, Kaluna, & Art, with Kanoe

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It seems like in the world of creating and sharing music, there is a good deal of interchanging of “component parts” – ie. MUSICIANS. There can be many reasons for this, including the travelling or moving away of a band member, the discovery of a person who “adds that perfect sound or aspect”, the simple retirement of a member, or lots of other reasons.

At Aloha Friday on Oct. 27th, we are happy to present an “All-Star Team” of musicians appearing under the name, “POMAIKA`I” – both the name of the band, and also one of John David Puli’s many names, and is also the name of his beautiful and super-cool girlfriend, aka Joedee. For non-Hawaiian language speakers like me who likely won’t know the meaning of the word, a simple explanation of Pomaika`i would be; lucky, good luck, blessed, good fortune, and prosperous. Very appropriate for this group, I think.

All of the 5 members who will be coming to Pono is a super talented performer in his/her own right and has been appearing solo or in combination with others for much of their life. A brief introduction to each could go like this; Bassist, `Ukulele Player, Guitarist, and Falsetto singer J.D. Puli is perhaps the driving force of the band, accompanied by Art “don’t ask me I’m just the bassman” Sap, who keeps everyone in line. Ray (Kala Blind) is an amazing `ukulele player and vocalist, who moved to the Bay Area from SoCal about 6 years ago. Also playing `ukulele will be Kaluna Pamai-Paler, brilliant musician and newlywed. Last and certainly not least valuable, is Kanoe Kahaku, who will both share vocals with us, and dance some hula interpretations of a song being. As she will undoubtedly invite you, all dancers are encouraged to take to the floor when you know the song.

Lastly, as you know, we don’t have a cover charge but will have one of our servers by the door to receive, for the band, your $10 (or whatever) donation to reward them for their contribution on this Aloha Friday. Be sure to tell or bring your friends to this wonderful musical presentation. NOT YOUR TYPICAL FRIDAY!!!