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About Pōmaika’i:

With as many as 6 rotating members, the group itself has been around for 4 years. In that short time, this group has become one of the Bay Area’s premier Hawaiian Music groups. They specialize in all genres of Hawai’i’s vast musical phenomena. From soaring falsetto harmonies, to hapa haole songs of yesteryear, and the simplified Island Reggae Music skank of today, Pōmaika’i covers it all. The group rotates members based on what the show or gig calls for and based on availability.
Group leader JD Puli is the constant member, being the namesake of the group. His knowledge of music of Hawai’i leads this group with valor and expertise. Choosing songs of Hawai’i that you don’t often hear is another thing that sets this group a part. And putting their own style and twist on a timeless classic is how they go about their music.
Ukulele virtuoso Kaluna Kamai-Paler shows off his diversity in the group while playing multiple instruments and sharing some of his original compositions. While always being able to hit the highest note in the harmonies, He brings some pop flare and a little Bay Area swag into the group while everything centered around being Hawaiian.
Arturo Sapiandante brings in the low end as “The Bass Player.” He has an unmistakable Musicianship and his veteran prowess kicks this group up a few notches. With a schooling in Classic R&B and Funk, his bass lines are clean and pure while maintaining a keen ear for precision.
Raymond Macapagal has the preciseness in his ukulele playing to play specific rifts and chords to make the listener easily recognize certain songs. Ray’s keen ear to detail helps the group gel together. His desire to strive for excellence and just jam makes Ray an intricate part of Pōmaika’i. The growth in his falsetto vocals has strengthened this groups harmonies.