Da Boyz from GIB are back to solve a problem

  • 23 June 2017 6:30pm

“What?? Weren’t they just here last month”, you may be asking. The answer to that is “thankfully, YES!”

We had an unavoidable cancellation for this Aloha Friday so we, having Garden Island Blend’s visit of a month ago fresh in our memories and in our hearts, decided to give Rick a call. He scrambled and got the guys together to take over the stage this week.

If you either saw and heard them live at Pono or elsewhere, you know why they were such a hit when they played here in May. Rather than try to re-invent the wheel and to describe them anew, I’ll simply reprint part of what we posted last month, with a sincere mahalo nui loa to these guys for their help.

GIB, like any band had made a few changes. a group member moved out of area, others moved on to start a new music group. Nothing surprising, it’s just part of the music scene. Rick then began performing as a solo musician, and was joined regularly by brother Mark playing 2-piece ensembles at various venues and private events. Joining these original GIB Boyz is Jon Kennedy, keyboard player extraordinaire. He is an established musician with groups in the Santa Cruz area and most recently a monthly regular on the Piano at Zizzo’s Coffeehouse & Wine Bar. Jon has become a fixture with Rick, and has some GIB gigs already under his belt. Jon’s “Hawaiian” connection is his love for the Hawaiian music and culture. Other accomplished musicians join these guys from time-to-time adding an accent or a twist to the group while maintaining and enhancing the “mana” of GIB.

The signature sound GIB has provided over the years has changed little even with a few additions. Bringing the island style sound is a signature GIB still maintains while their music genres and song selections expand and grow. With island style and some Hawaiian favorites, GIB also blends Contemporary, Classics, Oldies and R&B songs into their mix. The most important and key aspect is the love GIB has for “spreading Aloha” through music. So after a long absence, for this evening and beyond, GARDEN ISLAND BLEND will maintain their “ID” as…GIB & Friends. We just want to express and shout out a huge MAHALO to all who support live music…”island style”.

Call your friends and encourage them to “join the party” and to try any new “BT Creations” that may come from the kitchen. And please remember that tho Pono charges no cover, one of the servers will be at the door to receive, for the band, any donation you may want to make to help them with their CD.