Those Guys From Kaua`i – back again

  • 7 July 2017 6:30pm

This business of hosting and promoting various individuals or bands can certainly be a “Feast or Famine” one. After going more that 3 years without Garden Island Blend at Pono, 3 hours after they took the stage in May, we signed them up for more shows, knowing that we had to get them back — SOON. So here we go again as we bring them to you this July 7th to remain in keeping with 4th of July Celebrations.

Rick, Mark, Gordan, and Jon will see if they can keep customers glued to their seats again with no thoughts of leaving, as they did in May. GIB’s playing of lots of Hawaiian songs – both traditional and contemporary, intermixed with some Santana, mainland rock, surf, oldies, blues – and some pieces I don’t know HOW to classify, created an atmosphere of great fun and excitement which was just what everybody craved. In fact the only complaint I heard had to do with GIB packing up after almost 3 1/2 hours of music. I think folks likely would have stayed for a few hours more if the City would have allowed it and if GIB could have endured it. (Pono is in what is classified a “residential zone”, and cannot legally have live music after 10:00 on Fridays).

Remember, please, that Pono Hawaiian Grill LOVES HULA, so any dancers, new or experienced, are invited to join the party when you know the song. Please contact your friends (they will thank you) and encourage them to enjoy the festivities on July 7th, reminding them that tho there is no cover, one of our charming servers will greet them at the door and receive any size donation they would like to make for the band.