Our Friends “Ho`omana”

  • 13 October 2017 6:30pm

Aloha Friday the 13th!! What an exciting and fun-filled day this one will be. Some think it to be an unlucky day, but we don’t buy that. The day will be much like any other Aloha Friday for us at Pono. First is moving tables around so that we can seat as many as possible that evening for Ho`omana’s 6:30 show

BUT THEN, I head over to The Tannery Arts Center for a 4:45 screening of the movie “Kuleana” which I’ve been really anxious to see. Following its completion (about 6:45) I hustle back to Pono to pick up on Eddy, Robert, and Uncle Manley. These guys will likely be barely into their first set when the moviegoers from The Tannery arrive followed by Brian Kohne, the writer and director of “Kuleana”, with Lord knows who else.

It will certainly be an exciting evening – as it always is when Ho`omana plays.Hoomana overlooking Bay These 3 guys, who have been playing together for more than 15 years, never give the appearance of being tired – even after weekends like the last when they played 3 gigs in 2 days. Their popularity has risen to the point that we need to add extra seating on the nights they play.

But we must be careful…. You know how Robert is about hula. To him it is kinda the lifeblood of aloha, and that the best way to compliment a band is to dance to their mele. Similarly, if nobody gets up to dance, he takes that personally. So hula dancers please do not hold back. Kick off those slippahs and get out there and make Robert (and the rest of us) smile.

As always there will be no cover charge, tho we hope you will consider the suggested donation as you enter Pono. Ho`omana is very soon to have their recently recorded CD mastered (one more weekend in Vegas) and hopefully next summer, available to all – and that requires lots of kokua. So call your friends and come join us this Aloha Friday.