“Anaspond” – aka Mele`uhane

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Starting the New Year off with “Mele`uhane” = “The Spirit of Music” – sounds Pono to me!

“MELE`UHANE” “Mele” means “sound”, or “music”. and uhane means “spirit”. “THE SPIRIT OF MUSIC” is an appropriate name for this father/son pairing of originally 2 – now 3 guitarist/vocalists. We first hosted them way back on July, 25 of 2014. That’s 3 1/2 years ago – years that have witnessed some dramatic changes within the pair.

Son Leo was, I think 19 years old and had been playing slack key guitar for only a couple of years at that time, after playing the drums since a young age. The way he played that guitar clearly said, “I’ve found it, it’s mine”.651565 It seems that Leo doesn’t do anything slowly, and the way he works that guitar indicates that it is a passion and a commitment for him – not a hobby. Since that first appearance he has released a successful slack key CD named, “Here Comes Treble”.

Meanwhile Dad (Keikilani) has continued playing lead guitar and adapting songs both original and those of his amazing great aunt, Helen Lindsey Parker. She was a fantastic and prolific writer/storyteller by way of her music. Two of her most famous songs are,”Mauna Loa”, and everybody’s favorite, “Akaka Falls”. Another song of Auntie Helen’s that Keiki plays and sings with passion is, a favorite of mine, “Olu O Pu`ulani” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uumK66e2-8s). Beside Leo’s solo album, Father and son had 2 albums to their name until last summer when 3rd. album, “Anaspond” was released.

Just this year another son (Kaneala, by name) returned from a long period living in Missouri, to join the band. He is a bass player, I’m told and I’m excited and happy to welcome him as he adds his spirit to that of Dad and Brother. These guys play a lot of classic hulas as well as original compositions, so Hula Dancers are encouraged to join the fun.

Also, I should remind you that there is no cover, but a $10 (or whatever is comfortable) donation given to the server at the door will make the band quite happy and ease their travels a bit. We hope to see you this Friday as we open the door to 2018 with awesome music, food, and friendship. and Tons of Aloha