KA NALU Returns

  • 20 October 2017 6:30pm

It’s hard to believe that this band – one of the first bands to play at Pono more than 6 years ago, HASN’T BEEN ON OUR STAGE FOR 6 MONTHS! Well, fortunately that’s all about to change since they will be back next Aloha Friday to show us what they’ve been doing.Ka Nalu Close up

It’s understandable that they haven’t been around Santa Cruz, for tho WE don’t seem to age at all (ha ha ha) that’s no so with the parents. And with aging often come health problems. Keli’i, in fact, will arrive back in the Bay Area just in time, as he has been home to be with his father while dad went through some serious surgery – successfully, I’m happy to report.

And JD’S “fame” seems to have taken off, as he is constantly fielding requests to appear – either with other groups or as a solo performer. We are excited to be able to host him multiple times in the next few months.

Then there is the Mystery Man, Jordan. I’ve no idea what he has been up to – other than continuing on his incredible journey down the road of ki ho`alu. We are surely looking forward to hearing him again. Ka Nalu has changed significantly in the last few years due to his guitar work and increased vocals.

As you must know by now, Pono does not charge a cover, but we DO humbly suggest a $10 (or whatever can do) donation at the door – for the band. Ka Nalu jpg Also, please honor Ka Nalu and their sharing of beautiful hula tunes by kicking off da shoes and showing them how much you love their music. If we’re REALLY LUCKY we might be able to get Keli`i out on the dance floor as well, so have your camera phones ready. Tell your friends and come join us for this happy reunion.