• 20 October 2017 6:30pm

I just this moment (Wed. 7:01 pm) got the word that Keli`i won’t be back from Hawai`i to play at Pono this Aloha Friday. I surely hope that doesn’t mean post-op problems for his Dad. We’ll be fine however, and carry on with Ray (Kala blind) filling in, and all of us wishing Keli`i’s Dad a full and rapid recovery.

I suspect that some or many of you may not know who Ray is yet. After you have seen and heard him “work out” on his `ukulele even only once, you will never forget him. Here’s a short biographical video from about 6 years ago; www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOUGQlaNXtw
I don’t remember when I first met Braddah Raymond, but I DO know that I am super excited to be able to introduce him to you. I’ve talked with Ray before about coming down from the Berkeley/San Pablo area where he lives but transportation issues have always been difficult.

I’m confident that I needen’t introduce JD Puli to you, since he has been playing `ukulele, guitar, and bass and mezmorizing us with his falsetto singing all over the Bay Area and beyond. At this year’s Ho`ike of Halau Na Wai Ola, Ray and J.D.(plus others) handled the music for the whole performance after an opening set by the amazing “Kupaoa”. These two versatile performers can play anything – anywhere, as you will soon discover.

As you must know by now, Pono does not charge a cover, but we DO humbly suggest a $10 (or whatever can do) donation at the door – for the band. Also, please honor JD and Ray and their sharing of beautiful hula tunes by kicking off da shoes and showing them, by dancing, how much you love their music. Tell your friends and come join us for this sure-to-be great evening of music and aloha.