Ka Nalu – remember them???

  • 29 December 2017 6:30pm

I know it’s been quite a while since we featured these guys, so I checked my records and found that we haven’t hosted them since MAY of this year. That’s 7 months!!! We’ve never before gone so long without seeing them since Aloha Fridays at Pono started 7 YEARS AGO.Ka Nalu Close up

Well, that will soon end as Keli`i, JD, and Jordan will be back on Dec 29th to ease us back into society after a Joyous Christmas. Undoubtedly they will have news to share with us about what they’ve been up to. I trust they will be “family-friendly” stories.

A quick update about these three (for those of you who don’t know them) would tell you that lead guitarist and vocalist Keli’i and guitar playing Jordan first played together about 10(?) yrs. ago when on a mission to Japan . Returning home they hooked up with `ukulele, guitar. and bass playing “falsettoist”, JD Puli. They quickly found that they got along well as a band and began playing gigs all over the Bay Area. They can play any genre of music, but love Hawaiian mele the most, and Hula dancers say that they are a joy to dance for – HINT HINT. They would be most pleased if many dancers from the Area would kick of their slippahs and join in when they know the song. I’m told that that’s the best compliment a dancer can give a band.

As always, Pono will not be charging a cover, tho one of the servers will be by the door to receive a $10 (or whatever works) donation you might make for the band So call or bring your friends to 120 Union St., Santa Cruz for some great music, awesome food, and exciting drinks. I hope that you can join us for this last Aloha Friday of 2017.