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HERE COMES SANTA KELI`I.¬† HERE COMES SANTA KELI`I¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† “You better watch out …….. for he may have snakes or lizards, or tarantulas.in the bag THIS Santa carries!!”¬† He’s always full of SURPRISES.¬† Actually we don’t know if he is doing Christmas stuff or not, but you can be sure that whatever KA NALU PLAYS – it will be fun and of the highest quality – no matter the theme.¬† DEC. 5th Update… This will be a “regular” Ka Nalu show with a bit of Christmas thrown in.¬† Of course Keli’i defines “regular” differently from most of us, hahaha.

Along with JD Puli on bass and leo ki`eki`e, Jordan Torio playing slack key guitar and (Santa?) Keli`i Amantiad himself on guitar – and ALL contributing to the vocals, it is sure to be a feel-good evening, and have you singing or lip syncing along with the band.¬† As you must by now know, they play mostly traditional Hawaiian music with some “contemporary” (that means the ’90s in Hawai`i)¬† Island tunes thrown in.¬† Their music is totally hula friendly, so hula dancers are certainly encouraged to join in.¬†

With JD singing EVERYWHERE, these days and Keli`i being “on-call” for work, we don’t get enough of these three, so we at Pono are especially stoked at having them back again, and we’re sure that they will make YOUR Christmas Season a happy and meaningful one.

As always, no cover for this 6:30 show, but a “Donation Station” will be near the door should you want to help make Ka Nalu’s Christmas joyful.¬† Please tell your best friends and come join us on the 11th.