Ka Nalu

  • 23 February 2018 6:30pm

Wow, It’s been a while since “The Wave” rolled into Pono, but Ka Nalu will be here soon. Aloha Friday this week, in fact (3/23) Keli’i, JD, and Jordan will take the stage and share with us what’s been going on. I read that they played last weekend with Pomaika`i in Concord and undoubtedly put on a great show. All the members of both bands are excellent performers so I’m sure that their combination was stellar. I wonder if I re-built the stage and made it bigger, we could get them all here in Santa Cruz.

Pono Hawaiian Grill has had a great relationship with at first, Keli’i then with both JD and Jordan, a bit later. I can remember sitting on the deck of Timmy’s former restaurant about 9 years ago when Keli showed up with something wrapped in newspaper. I, of course asked him what what it was and he responded, “I was at the fish market and saw some fresh catch, and I’m gonna show your cooks how to prepare it!” THAT’S KELI`I for ya! We soon became good friends – even before I knew that he was a musician.Ka Nalu upward pic

Soon after Pono opened we started hosting bands and began to feature Kele’i. He and the band have so much experience playing with some of the superstars of Hawai`i that soon they began producing shows and opening for Makaha Sons, Sean Na’auao and others in Santa Cruz and elsewhere in the Bay Area. Keli’i was the guy who introduced `kulele maestro Ben Ahn to Pono where he became an instant favorite.

All three members will be on stage this Friday, which is itself somewhat rare – due to the guys’ popularity as individuals and as a group. They love ALL Hawaiian music, and particularly traditional tunes, and consequently have become favorites for hula dancers, so Ladies and Gentlemen, please do not miss this opportunity to dance with/for them.

As always we hope you will respect the $10 donation suggestion by entrusting your gift for the band with the charming server at the door. Bring your friends and let’s get it on at Pono this Friday at 6:30.