Island Breeze Band – for a February visit

  • 24 February 2017 6:30pm

Island Breeze is exactly what we are needing in California’s Central Coast – as long as it is a warm breeze and a dry breeze.  After a long and much needed WET winter in our beloved Santa Cruz, the warm breeze of these musicians presence will make “all good” again.Island-Breeze-1-e1458009610331

Stan Meidinger (band leader and founder) is a true Santa Cruzan (born and raised here) surfer who began his musical career with a fiddle in a Blue Grass Band and now plays anything with strings.  And he and his band play a variety of genres, tho I suspect that Hawaiian, both traditional and contemporary is their favorite.  With Stan from the beginning is Dave Rae – guitarist, and man with an exceptional ear for balance and composition of the 4 members.  A relative newcomer to I. B. is Stan Parola, who plays lead guitar and `ukulele.  I heard that one time when he played Stevie Ray Vaughn’s version of “Pride and Joy” on his uke, some bozo from the audience started calling him “Stevie Ray Parola”.  The sad thing is that I haven’t heard him play it since – oppps.   Patti Ace

Last but certainly not least, is everybody’s favorite “Queen of Steel”, Patti Maxine.  Hailing from Roanoke, VA, (but undoubtedly Hawaiian in a past life), Patti has attracted an amazingly diverse following of music lovers who will follow her to hear her and her steel play –  besides Hwn, –  blues, rock, folk, bluegrass, swing, brass – actually anything you need, even Indian Ragas (actually I don’t think so).

When they play Hawaiian at Pono they provide the perfect background and atmosphere for many of Santa Cruz’s Hula Dancers.  So, come to listen – or to dance – or to just tap you foot and be bathed in beautiful music.  Wow, I haven’t even mentioned the food yet.  Timmy is regularly creating new dishes or Pokes which need to be tasted by discerning (meaning hungry) patrons.

As you know, there will be no cover, but a donation station with one of Pono’s helpful servers will by the door for those who want to thank and assist the band.