Island Breeze Band

  • 28 April 2017 6:30pm

WHAT??? These guys back again so soon?? Lol! We and our customers love ’em so much that we’d book them every month if we had a few more Fridays per month.

Prolly no need to describe them other than to list the members for those of you who don’t know them yet. Stan Meidinger is the founder of the band and primary vocalist – tho everybody sings on most every song. Stan’s first instrument was the fiddle back in the day. Now he plays guitar, bass, and `ukulele with the group. Dave Ray plays guitar and sings. Actually, everybody sings either together or individually at some point in a performance. Playing lead guitar and `ukulele is another Stan – with the last name of Parola. He has been known to belt out some “Pride n Joy” and Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” just for fun. And last but certainly not least, is Steeler Patti Maxine. Patti’s story of growth, success, and award as a musician is too long and detailed to include here. Suffice it to say that she well deserves her nickname as The Queen Of Steel. She is so good that she is constantly receiving requests to sit in with others, or lay down tracks on somebody else’s Cd. In Japan they have a designation for one person in a particular art form as “Ningen Kokuho”. That translates into English as “living national treasure”. My vote for such an award here in this county goes to Ms. Pattimax.

There is some “Bad news – Good news” for this event. The “Bad” is that Patti won’t be able to join us this time. The reason for the change is the “Good” news. Patti will be one of the featured performers at the prestigious “Maui Steel Guitar Festival” held that weekend. To be so honored is indeed a major accomplishment and recognition – and for a mainlander, at that. We will miss her but will also wish her well.

Join us on April 28th as these Awesome Three take the stage to entertain us for 3 hours. They play plenty hulas, so dancers……. see you there. And as always there will be no cover tho, there will be a (wo)manned donation station by the door for you to show your thanks to the band.