“In Like a Lion” Comes Ho`omana

  • 10 March 2017 6:30pm

I think that most of us have heard the old saying, “In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb” referring to the usual March weather.  After these torrential rains and 75mph (hurricane force) winds, I expect that “a lion” is not descriptive enough.  Perhaps it should be, “In like Godzilla …….”.  In any case, with the presence of the Boys of Ho`omana, no matter the weather, you know that Aloha and great music will abound.hoomana-300x224

This is a crazy-busy time for them when Spring Luaus and Ho`ikes are calling for them to play – as well as their regularly scheduled appearances.  They are already gearing up (meaning practicing) for the next Ho`ike (Ha`a Hula/Te Riva O Te Manu on May 7th).  But loyal as they are, they will be back at Pono on March 10th. after just performing for the AWESOME Luau of Ke Kai O’Uhane Outrigger Canoe Club of Monterey, this past Saturday

And as you know these guys thrive, and are addicted to/dependent upon, hula dancers, so we’re calling all dancers to come and enjoy their renditions of the classics.  In addition, Ho`omana is constantly adding new/old songs to their repertoire, and Eddy is known to upgrade his medley of “Oldies but Goodies”.

So contact your friends and invite them to join you for this celebration of the Coming of Spring.  And as you know, there will be no cover, but one of our beautiful servers will greet you at the door to accept any size donation for the Band that you wish to make.

Hope that you will join us!!!     

 3/2/17 — ATTENTION!!  EXCITING UPDATE:  Rumor has it that at least three, and less than 50 (Robert’s numbers) of the dancers from Ke Kai O `Uhane will be in attendance to “dance off” some of the excess Aloha they generated at last week’s LUAU.  Apparently after a ho`ike or luau they just want to keep dancing, and we are only too happy to accommodate them – especially since it will be their favorite Ho`omana.  Dancers from other halau are of course encouraged to join in for any number of dances.  Woo huuu   Gonna Be A Good Time.