Imualive to Open March

  • 3 March 2017 6:30pm
Here for their first visit of 2017 comes Imualive, that Fearless Foursome from the Livermore/Pleasanton area.  Pono wishes that they were either, 1) a bit closer, or 2) not needing to have “day jobs”, so they could make the long trek over the hill, more often.  They first visited Pono at Thanksgiving of 2015.  Then twice in 2016 and now for the first Aloha Friday of March we’re lucky enough to have them back again.
Here is a brief description, in their own words, of what they are about.IMG_5473
“Imualive’ has been together for three years and consists of multiple genres from jazz, funk, classical piano to traditional Hawaiian music. Coming together and making our music ours, can sometimes be against the grain of traditional Island music, which is what makes “Imualive” different.  “Imua” means to “go forward” in Hawaiian, and in ancient times it meant to go forward with spirit. Today “Imualive” is a California band that is moving forward in its own style and always playing from the heart. This year we are working on recording our first CD. We all have a connection with the islands, which is engraved in our hearts. Hawaii is a special place and we all hear it calling to us.”
I think we all know what the term “fusion” refers to in music, but in case not;  Fusion = A musical genre that developed in the late 1960s when musicians combined aspects of jazz harmony and improvisation with styles such as funk, rock, rhythm and blues, and Latin jazz. These 4 guys have taken Hawaiian music and created a kind of “Island Fusion“, which blew everybody away when they visited a year and a half ago.  Had I been told of just what they do before hearing them live, I might has been a bit confused or concerned.  But by the time they took one of my all-time favorite songs, Hi`ilawe, and began in the traditional style – then morphed it into a bit of a jazz-like tune I found myself “totally on board” with their style. I had become an immediate fan.  And so will you, I predict.
As always, tho there will be no cover charge, we hope you will reward the band with a donation at the door as you enter.  And, of course, hula dancers are encouraged to join in on the traditional songs that they sing.