Huna Wai’s Vern & Chris – welcoming June

  • 2 June 2017 6:30pm

Do ANY of you know how difficult it is to capture all three members of “Huna Wai” and put them on stage – at one time? Next to impossible, I’ve found. All three are awesome, loving husbands and fathers who put FAMILY FIRST. Tho I surely and highly respect that, WE need our “drops of water” too. This time we get 2/3, and like I always say “2/3 is better than 0/3”.

ChrisWeinress B&WChris will take a few hours off from parenting and teaching-coordinating life-saving skills to be with Vern and the rest of us as we welcome in Sunny Summer and June. Vern, whose 3 beautiful children have pretty much grown (and undoubtedly wouldn’t appreciate of being called “children”) seems to have less and less time as he climbs the corporate ladder, BUT he will be with us as well. Vern solo eyes closed

Personally, I have been following these guys for about 10 years or more, and am so happy when they are able to appear at Pono, or on the stage on the Santa Cruz Wharf, or anywhere. This time it will be a PAIR of brilliant musicians (slack key and killer bass) on hand to entertain our customers.

Come out on June 2nd. to show them how much you’ve missed ’em and feed them some of that lovin’ which COULD bring them back more often. Remember, they play lots of hulas, so be ready to kick of da slippahs and join them. As always there will be no cover charge, tho one of Pono’s charming servers will be at the door to welcome you and receive any band donation you might care to make.

Be sure to contact your friends and bring them with you. No telling when we will be able to get “Huna Wai” together again.