Ho`omana Guys – Who’s Your Valentine?

  • 16 February 2018 6:30pm

Wow!! Da Boys are going to make the bruising 35 mile trip again, up the Eastern edge of the Monterey Bay to Santa Cruz and Pono – all the way from Marina,CA. If they are not too tired from the drive, we are requesting them to play and sing our (and their) favorite tunes for 3 hours.

You might think that after playing at Pono once a month for 7 years either they or the customers might say, “that’s enough!”. But we’ve never said it and never heard them say it, so we continue! in fact Ho`omana’s Aloha Friday nights are among the Ho`omana Montagemost crowded.

Robert is a bit of a hula-loving fanatic who becomes really pleased when dancers get up and share their interpretations of the songs being playe. ACTUALLY I think that WE ALL feel that way, so we hope that students will use Aloha Fridays as a practice venue when you are here. Another exciting thing about Ho`omana is that they are very much called upon by various hula halau to play for their performances so their repertoire of hula songs is always growing.

From what I’ve written it might seem that they perform only Hawaiian songs. While it is true that mele from The Islands IS THEIR FAVORITE, they also play a good number of mainland songs as well., and bassist Eddy has put together a couple of “oldies medleys” which get much of the audience singing or lip-syncing.

As you likely know by now, Pono charges no cover for the show, but we do hope you will consider the suggested $10 donation as you enter. Ho`omana’s 3rd CD is done and ready for production, and that will require some green energy. And remember to please contact your friends and encourage them to join you for a great Aloha Friday of 2018 at Pono.