Ho`omana for Valentines Day

  • 16 February 2018 6:30pm

Yeah, we know that Valentines Day is on Wednesday this year and not on Aloha Friday, but Robert seemed very excited to know that they’d be playing so close to the 14th. that we decided to call it “Aloha Valentines Day” to make him happy. He is such an incurable Romantic!!!

Actually whatever day Ho`omana comes to Pono becomes a special day – partially because they have been appearing at Pono since the day it opened back in 2011, and partly because they are so popular with the customers. Robert even went so far as to unofficially change the name of that day of the week to “Aloha Hula Friday” – because they love playing for Hula Dancers so much. If we don’t have at least a few dancers in attendance he can become violent – jk, of course, but the pace and style of their playing is especially fun to dance to, I’m told. So with “keeping the peace” in mind, we’d like to encourage many of the dancers of any age, in attendance to kick off your shoes and take to the floor whenever you know the song.Hoomana overlooking Bay

Uncles Manley, Robert, and Eddy create some incredible harmonies in most of the songs they sing, so even if you are not a dancer it’s great fun to sit back and lip-sync, or quietly sing along with them – or just tap your foot to the beat. Most of the songs they sing are well-known traditional or contemporary Hawaiian Classics. They also include a good number of mainland songs in their performances. So don’t hesitate to make requests. Finally, as you know there is no cover at Pono, but we encourage you to honor the donation station by the front door as you enter so that the performers will keep coming back.

They are so poplar that it is sometimes hard to book them because so many Hula Halau in the area (or even far away) want them for their luaus, ho`ikes, or for backyard parties, but we’ve got ’em for this year’s “Aloha Hula Valentines Friday”, so tell or bring your friends for a wonderful evening.