Ho`omana – Back So Soon?

  • 8 December 2017 6:30pm

Yep, it’s true. They were just here the day after Thanksgiving. That was because earlier they graciously had given up a couple of Fridays so we could accommodate two Fridays of out-of-town performers. Now we are back on schedule. AND Uncle Manley was on a family vacation last week; but is back again, so we will have the full Trio on Dec. 8th.

Eddy and Robert seemed so relaxed last week – I think that was partly in knowing that the new CD is finished (at least THEIR work is completed). Now they need only wait for it to be “mastered” and “manufactured”), and that is done by others. OH YEAH, they still must pay for the finished product.Ho`omana Montage

So they should be in great spirits when they return to Pono’s stage – especially if we can get some hula dancers up in front of them. You remember, don’t you, how happy Robert gets when there are dancers of any age present to dance to the songs they sing. To tell the truth, I’m not sure which he loves more – the dancing, or the view he gets from the stage. If everyone is really nice and asks graciously, perhaps they will sing a song from the new CD.

So be sure to call those friends of yours who are Ho`omana fans (or you think should become fans) and encourage them to come for this “Between-Thanksgiving-and-Christmas Gathering”. And remember too, that tho there won’t be a cover charge, a donation at the door for the band would be especially appreciated.