Steven Espaniola & Bryan Tolentino

  • 10 November 2017 6:30pm

UKESTRAVAGANZA! What an honor for us at Pono to be the first stop on this Mini Tour by these two wonderful, talented, and highly sought after musicians. We have hosted both of them before, but this is the first time at Pono for them to appear together, as far as I can recall – tho I must add that I’ve become a bit forgetful recently. What I AM certain about is that, tho not “flashy”, and they don’t dance around the stage, they are amazing performers who soon capture the attention of the listener and don’t let go until long after the show is pau.

Bryan can be found on stage teaming up with many different performers at events all over Hawai`i, the mainland, and Japan.Bryan Tolentino beach He seems to be the MOST sought after partner for others in live or videoed performances. In addition he often conducts ‘ukulele workshops, when time allows. I was able to arrange one for friends when I first met Bryan more than 10 years ago. He hasn’t been to Santa Cruz for some time, and we are READY for him. For those of you who might not know Bryan here’s a video from a coupla years back;

We get to see and hear Steven a bit more, being that he is only a coupla hours away. His `ukulele, guitar, and vocals are sooo sweet. He was here with us only a few months ago and also performed at a wonderful house concert the next day. Being a devoted husband and father of a gorgeous and active pre-teen young beauty – AND working to finish his next CD, he is a pretty busy guy, so this visit is a blessing. Here’s a recording of him playing and singing “I Kona”

And any hula dancers out there, you should know by now that you are ALWAYS most welcome to join in when you know the song. And please remember too, that tho we charge no cover for this event, aone of our servers will be at the doors to receive for Bryan and Steven, your $10 donation, should you care to contribute. And don’t forget to inform your friends. If they find out that YOU knew but didn’t call THEM, you will be in trouble.