• 14 April 2017 6:30pm

Here they are again – back from a weekend in Vegas.  I asked them if their wallets got heavier (unlikely) or became thinner (heh, heh).  The answer was, “No time brah.  We were either eating (won’t eva skip dat), sleeping (not much) or recording (YAY!!!)”.  A whirlwind weekend, but lots accomplished, I’m told.  They won’t tell me what tho – not even the name of their new CD. But as we’ve waited THIS LONG, we can wait a bit longer, I expect.  Let’s get generous with the donations and send them back to Vegas soon, to finish up.

Meanwhile, we get to host them again on April 14th. at Pono – then again in May, and so on.  I’m willing to bet that after all the hula they sang for and played for in luaus and ho`ikes and other special parties, this Winter/Spring, AND at Pono  – and the absence of that in Vegas, they are again ready to get that charming view of the back of some beautiful dancers: so Ladies and Gentlemen….. please respond, and welcome Da Boys back home.12369252_944207508960178_256487540991925493_n

You know the time (6:30) and you know the place (120 Union St.) and you know that we won’t be charging a cover to enter, but will be on hand to receive, for the guys, your donation to their CD fund, should you care to make one.  We hope you can attend on the 14th. to participate in their (and our) excitement.  And please share this news with your friends.  See you then!