Ho`omana – 2018

  • 12 January 2018 6:30pm

UNBELIEVABLE!! It will be 12 days into the New Year and 5 weeks altogether, since Ho`omana has “graced” the stage at Pono. Who’s the lazy lolo who does the booking there anyway? The good news is that the drought is about to end.Ho`omana Christmas wish

While it’s true that Uncle Manley, Robert, and Eddy haven’t been to Pono too recently, that doesn’t mean that they’ve been resting. In the past few years they have become especially known as an “Event Band”, playing for private parties, house concerts, restaurants, clubs and now in preparation for the Spring Ho`ikes or hula shows of various hula schools, they have become even busier.

Fortunately, their weekend trips to Vegas are over since their newest CD is in production. Now, they just have to wait – AND earn the money to pay for it, ha ha ha. They will hit the stage in their first visit of 2018 to Pono with renewed enthusiasm, hoping that many of the Santa Cruz dancers will show up to dance to their hulas.

For those of you who don’t know them, they play primarily the traditional Hawaiian music of the Masters, with some “contemporary” island music (meaning ’80s, ’90s, and newer). And every now and then Uncle Manley will break out with a “Mustang Sally” when the mood hits him. Eddy has put together a great medley of top mainland hits from his youth, and Robert keeps hoping that someone will show up who can do some Samoan drumming and he can come down from the stage to dance Siva – the Samoan term for a Samoan dance. Traditional Samoan dancing is one area of the culture that has been the least affected by western civilization.

No matter what occurs at Pono on January 12th, you can be certain that it will be fun and full of ALOHA. So share this news with your best friends and please remember that tho there is no cover, we hope you will consider a $10 donation at the door to help Da Boys get their CD out.

We hope to see you on January 12th.