Here They Come – GIB

  • 3 November 2017 6:20pm

What’s Up with these Guyz?? It seems like they were just here about 6 weeks ago!! OH, that’s right they were. We have had so many regular customers asking when they would be back, that we went ahead and were lucky enough to book ’em on Aloha Friday next week, Nov. 3rd.

Tho actually a band of 4 exceptional musicians, this Summer we’ve had only 3 each time they played. I think that Rick permits only ONE AT A TIME to travel. That’s OK with me cause we’ve had some great music shared by these “musical chairs” musicians and they’ve kept the customers calling for more.

Playing a mixed variety of traditional songs and hulas, with the ever popular “contemporary” Hawaiian music (meaning music of the late 80s and 90s, spilling over into this century), and some mainland surf tunes, a little Bob Marley, some rock, and basically anything they sense that that particular audience is wanting. So if you are hoping to hear any specific favorites don’t hesitate to request them. All they can do is say “don’t know it” if it’s new to them, lol.

This visit will include Jon and his keyboard, having arrived back from Germany, I think, to team up with brothers Mark and Rick to bring us 3 hours of awesome music. And Kevan??? I was told but can’t remember what kind of adventure he is off experiencing. Hopefully it is the type he can tell us about next time he visits. And you must remember how bands ALWAYS love it when folks get up out of the audience to share their interpretation of some of the hulas they sing.

Finally, as you probably recall, Pono doesn’t charge a cover, but hopes that you might help the band cover expenses with a $10 or whatever, donation as you enter. And don’t forget to call friends. Hope to see you there!