Da Boyz from GIB

  • 19 January 2018 6:30pm

Settling back into a regular schedule after an exciting (tho hectic) Holiday Season, we’re excited to be welcoming back to Pono’s stage Rick, John, Mark, and Kevan (?) for an early – and one of many we hope – visit. The last few times they have visited, it was almost like they had been taking turns playing “musical passports” leaving the country instead of appearing in Santa Cruz. Thankfully Rick has “kept the home fires burning” so that they are able to return to a warm and inviting environment.PONO Promo GENERIC

But they are back and all together for at least this January visit – except for Kevan, and we hope they will be around for regular appearances, as we get frequent inquires about them. We haven’t seen them since Sept. of LAST YEAR. How did that happen???

The music they play is a mix or combination of many aspects, genres or generations of music – from Hawai`i, the mainland, the Caribbean, and elsewhere. Whatever they play pulls you in and gets you tapping your foot, lip-syncing, or swaying in time to the rhythms. And being the type folks that they are means that they are happy to play requests if they know what you like and want to hear. Their “specialty” seems to be in the style called “Contemporary Hawaiian Music” which I’ve come to realize means music from the 80s, 90s and so on. I’ve seen and heard these band members assisting other bands in NorCal and it’s kind of eerie how they can be almost like interchangeable parts in a finely tuned engine. I think it’s a “Hawaiian” thing! Whatever they happen to play seems to really please the customers – and ME.

So if you’re not busy on Jan 19th. bring your friends with you to hear these guys. I guarantee that neither you nor they will be disappointed – that’s for sure. You probably remember that there is no cover charge, but a smiling server girl will be by the door to receive your $10 donation for the band, should you be able to make one.