Fisherman’s Son – Nate Kana`e Returns

  • 14 July 2017 6:30pm

“Get Nate Kana`e here, Bill. You gotta get Nate. I swear you’ll love him”. I wish I had a dollar for every time friend Karen said that to me. It took a while, but finally in September of 2016 Nate and the 2 guys he often plays with (Steeler Sean Allen and Bassman, Jerry Gilgren) took the stage and blew us all away. Like any red-blooded American man I was chagrined to have to tell Karen that she was right and that I wish I had listened sooner.

In fact, they were such fun and so nahenahe, that we snatched them up and booked ’em for a Feb 2017 date ASAP. Again, they were “beyond awesome”. at that date as well. href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-3247″>15095540_1858269947750079_1374901960268644477_n

After travelling thruout New Zealand for several months, Nate and his wife Leilani are back – and lucky for us, coming to Pono next month. This time Nate will appear as a solo artist and have to entertain the customers and keep the haumana dancing all by himself. I’ve absolutely no doubt that he will have everybody “eating out of the palm of his hand” right from the beginning.

If you haven’t seen and heard Nate before, you’ll be surprised and no doubt pleased to be taken on a time machine trip back to older days of Hawaiian music. His sound is so sweet and mellow (some might say “dreamy”) that any concerns or problems which may have been troubling you will seem to magically disappear.

Being a “True Hawaiian” Nate plays lots of hulas, so kumu and haumana alike are encouraged to join in. And as always, there will be no cover charge to enter, but we hope you might want to make a donation at the door for the artist. Please share this with your friends who you think will enjoy it. Aloha