ELIMA is back to Pono and The Reef 🤙🏽

  • 24 August 2018 6:30pm


Elima is; lead guitarist Waddy Dacay, who can go from  playing some nahenahe (soothing) Hawaiian music to rippin some Santana cover, in a heartbeat.

Playing an awesome `ukulele isRodney Rodney Takahashi well known as one of the (if not THE) best `ukulele teachers in the Bay Area. When he takes a solo and runs with it is really hard to even see his fingers.

RoryPlaying bass and keeping everyone else together is Rory O’Neill.  Whether it is his upright or electric bass, Rory is the steady one who reels everyone else back in, except when he goes off on a solo – and when he does, WOW,  PAINA_Vincewatch out!

On the Cajon and sometimes other drums is percussionist,   Vince Arroyo who will surely have you tapping your feet or slapping your thigh in no time at all.

Sherrell - head shotAnd finally there is the beautiful lead vocalist Sherrell Lee.  The other musicians will certainly join her join her singing, but I assure you that most eyes will be on her.  And of course hula dancers are encouraged to show your stuff when you know the song being sung or to request a song you do know.

So contact your friends and bring them or at least inform them of this awesome new group and join us for a great evening of music and dance.  As is the custom at Pono there will be no cover charge, tho a donation station with a charming greater, will be located by the door for those of you who wish to help this new group get going.