Danny + Nani = Kailua Moon

  • 15 September 2017 6:30pm

At Pono, we’ve been blessed to be able to host Danny Carvalho twice as a solo performer, and then last year in June, teamed with the wonderful singer, Kumu Hula, and dancer, Nani Edgar. The day following their debut Santa Cruz performance together at Pono, they also played, danced and sang at a house party not far away.Kailua Moon

It appears that they also enjoy duets more than solos too, as they are “going for it” – touring and probably recording together as well, as “Kailua Moon” . And again we are lucky enough to be one of their stops in California, for both performances on Aloha Friday at Pono, at a restaurant and new Hawaiian venue in Monterey on Saturday, and on Sunday at a Halau Concert back in “Da Cruz”. We all know the saying about something being “greater than the sum of its’ parts”. These two are singing, dancing, and fingerpicking proof of the truth of that saying.

Both of them grew up with, and into their creative love of music and dance separated by a measly 2,500 miles of Pacific Ocean. However, each was blessed by having great inspiration and teaching from recognized Masters of their Art. For Danny it started when he was very young, and once he was “infected” with the “Slack Key Virus” he was captured forever. From an early age, he was exposed to many different kinds of music, and quickly developed a love for Hawaiian mele. At age 10, he became a student of the well-known Ozzie Kotani, who taught Danny in the traditional way. Since then Danny has received nominations for Grammies and prestigious Hawaiian Na Hoku Hanohano Awards.

Nani’s introduction to Song and Hula was even more personal, as she is not only the daughter of a Southern California Hula Master (Kumu) but has studied and practiced and become a Kumu herself. It’s amazing to watch her dance – realizing that she is effortlessly moving in a manner which has been essentially unchanged for many many years. Together they take the listener on a not-to-be-forgotten journey back thru time, to a Hawai`i of long ago. So, call your friends and treat yourselves to a wondrous evening of Aloha.

And, as always, there is no cover at Pono, but a $10 donation at the door is encouraged, to help the performers with expenses.