Auntie Faith Ako and The Guys

  • 6 October 2017 6:30pm

Our GF (girlfriend or great friend – actually both) will be here soon. Tho only(?) a 2 1/2 hour drive from Santa Cruz, Auntie Faith is sooo much in demand that we don’t get to see her as often as we’d like. It seems that she is asked to appear in EVERY public event in Northern California. We are truly honored that she is coming here.

As usual, accompanying Faith will be her uber talented sidekicks, Tadd Aiona on guitar and Jim Cramer playing slack key guitar. And sitting in with her good friend will be Patti Maxine on steel guitar. Ace Steeler Whew, that’s a true All-Star Team if I’ve ever heard of one.

If Faith is new to you, or even if a long-time friend, she and the gang will put you in that special place where despite what we read in the papers, ALL IS GOOD AND HARMONIOUS IN THE WORLD. If we started to make our ambassadors to the United Nations musicians like The Faith Ako Band we all would be better off. However, we best not cross her or get that Samoan blood riled for fear of serious consequences, hahaha.

Faith sings a lot of hulas and is used to performing for dancers of all skill levels from all over, so we’re hoping that many of you will kick off your slippahs and take to the floor when you know the song. There’s no better way to compliment performers than to get up and dance for them and for the audience.

As always there will be no cover, but we hope you will wish to contribute to the band’s ongoing success with a donation at the door as you enter. And be sure to share this news about Faith’s visit with your friends since this band likely won’t be back for a whole year.