Jeff Keana`aina and Friends

  • 21 April 2017 6:30pm

Chee hoo!!  Our friend, Jeff Keana`aina will be back at Pono again.  Other than a recent surprise visit with his family a month or so ago Jeff has been a stranger around here.  Doing more gigging nearer his home in the Morro Bay area, as folks get to see and hear him sing, leaves less and less opportunity for him to drive up to Santa Cruz.  But he will be here on April 21st.  Jeff and Rory

Jeff hails from an incredibly talented family from the “Kona Side” of Hawai’i Island, which was largely responsible for the growth in popularity and resurgence of traditional music back in the 70s in the Kona Area. Growing up jamming with parents, uncles, and aunties, and a host of cousins, Jeff developed his love for and talent in sharing the “mele” of his home. In 2008 he continued his family’s tradition of excellence and made them proud by winning the Clyde “Kindy” Sproat Falsetto and Storytelling Contest.

Patti AceAppearing with Jeff will be the amazing Patti Maxine and one (or two) of her MANY steel guitars,  She has jammed with Jeff several times before and the result was totally magical – as you would expect. We are super lucky that she is free to join us this evening.

Rory with stand upHandling the bass line will be recently and partially shorn, Rory O’Neill.  Rory plays with, I think, 3 bands besides being called to sit in with others – and I hear that he has been working out as a Tahitian drummer as well. Tho he owns several different bass guitars, I love it best when he uses his stand-up.      As always there is no required cover, but a $10 (or whatever) donation at the door, would go a long way toward making Jeff’s 3-hour drive from Morro Bay less painful. Hopefully, Jeff will have so much fun that he will want to make a visit to Pono Hawaiian Grill a semi-regular event.

Like most of our guests these three play LOTS of hulas, so dancers of all halaus and skill level are encouraged to kick off your slippahs and join in when you know the song.

Here’s a well-known song that Jeff beautifully sings about his hometown.  Dancing for him is his cousin, Aunty Sweetheart Keana`aina.