Aldon is Here Again!

  • 16 June 2017 6:30pm

OUR FAVORITE CRUISE LINE ENTERTAINER is back again. In fact, Aldon is the ONLY Cruise ship musician we know. And we are happy to have him back for an evening. He brings with him a vast repertoire of music of various genres. And Aldon - green shirtI suspect that he may have some great stories of “aboard ship happenings” – but so far, in the 4 or so years that we have been hosting him, I’ve heard NOTHING about shipboard activities. Could that be because his lovely wife Kaye always comes to Pono with him?..If so, I consider it an OK trade-off — a dance or two by Kaye in exchange for Aldon’s shipboard silence.

Aldon hails from Ewa Beach on Oahu and somehow found his way to Shawnee, OK. where he attended college (he claims) from 1983 – 1987. I don’t know what – or if – he studied there, but he met the lovely Kay who was to become his wife.Sanders_Kaye-150x150 Now both live in the San Jose Area from where they travel all over the Bay Area with Aldon playing, teaching, and singing, and Kaye dancing some beautiful hula. I think Aldon has played in or with almost every Hawaiian Band and hula halau in the area. They play at Pono several times a year as Aldon works us into his schedule of gigging elsewhere, teaching the `ukulele, and entertaining on one of the popular Cruise Lines.

He has recorded one Cd called “Uke Files”, where he has 15 songs to share. Let’s hope he remembers to bring some to sign and sell at Pono. Practically ALL of the songs he plays are very “danceable” so local haumana are encouraged to share the floor with Kaye (or take over completely – she being a conscientious teacher often brings school papers with her to grade).

As is the way at Pono, there won’t be a cover to pay, but we hope you will grace the donation box by the door with whatever is comfortable. All funds collected go to the musician. See you on June 16th.