Aldon and his Uke

  • 1 September 2017 6:30pm

UH OH, Aldon Is Back!!! Actually, that is a very good thing. Aldon is not only a skilled `ukulele player and singer, he can be pretty funny as well. He has played with most of the Hawaiian music bands in the area before going solo, and he was the musician for a prominent Hula Halau. Most recently, in addition to playing gigs all over the Bay Area, he has been the entertainment on cruise liners. I’ll bet that he has some great stories to share.Aldon on Stage

Aldon grew up in Hawai’i and attended James Campbell High School in Ewa Beach, on Oahu, and graduated in the class of 1983. After high school, he went to Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, OK. where he majored in Arts, Visual and Performing.

He writes; “I’ve been playing Hawaiian music in the SF bay area for almost 30 years and have been teaching `ukulele for about that long as well. I played with various local bands for about 10 years, but have since gone on to become a musician for hire with several local bands, and as an active `ukulele soloist.”Aldon at the beach

Like many uke players he is not limited to any one genre, and enjoys and plays all music, tho his heart is naturally in Hawaiian mele. He plays many classic and contemporary hulas, so representatives from our 4 halau and guests are always encouraged to get up and dance when they know the song. There is no finer compliment to a performer than to have dancers join them in their sharing of the beautiful mele.

As always, tho there is no cover charge at Pono, a $10 donation at the door would be appreciated to help the musician live to play again. Hope to see you and your friends at Pono on Sept 1st.