4 + 1 = ELIMA

  • 31 March 2017 6:30pm

YAAAY, Here come The Five.  “Elima” has become so busy with performances all over the Bay Area and beyond, that we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to host them several times per year.  We knew (even if they didn’t) when we first saw and heard them that they were going to “make it” – and make it big.  I’m certain that later on they will look back at these days and these shows as their “infancy” – and I’m looking forward to saying to them,”I told you so”.elima rory zz

It seems like every time i do a publicity write-up, I need to change their picture.  Oh, Vince Arroyo (percussion), Sherrell Lee (vocals), Waddy Dacay (guitar) and Kevin Lam (guitar) don’t appear to change much in appearance from visit to visit.  HOWEVER, the same cannot be said for their intrepid bassist, my good friend Rory O’Neil.

Like many bands, these folks all come from diverse backgrounds and experiences: and for them fate, with a good portion of luck, brought them together in the Summer of 2015, with the result being their public debut at Pono on Feb.19, 2016.  Since then their fame and popularity have grown, but their sense of  “newness” and joy – whether it be at practice or performing in public, has not faded.  Elima 5 - no pumpkinsLike their ethnicities, the cultural diversity they bring to the stage in terms of musical style makes for a truly exciting blend of Hawaiian, Latin, Asian, Mainland, and Irish influences, in addition to making them difficult to musically categorize.  You will hear for yourself if you come out on March 31 to see them.  Since they play hulas, as well as jazz, blues and ???, dancers are certainly invited to take part and share their art.

Like all shows at Pono, no cover will be charged, but there will be a donation station by the door to receive on behalf of the band, any donation you will hopefully want to make for them.  So, get your friends and arrive early for best seating and fastest food.  See you there!