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  • Check out our new menus!
    Pono Hawaiian Grill has an all new look up front! After the rebuilding we did from the break in back in December of 2016, we decided it was time to change the look of our menu and menu board! Tada! We absolutely love it and we hope you do too! All Graphic work was done by our friend Chris Mark (CJ) from Graphic Re...
  • Follow Holopono on Social Media!
    You can see where and when our Foodtruck 'Holopono' is in your area! Just follow us on both Twitter and Instagram at holoponosc. Facebook page is coming soon but until then you can find us on our Pono Hawaiian Grill Facebook page! We've had an AWESOME year thus far being a part of The California Arts and Roots Festi...
  • Take a virtual tour of Pono Hawaiian Grill & The Reef Bar Santa Cruz!
    Click here to take the tour.
  • Holopono our new Food Truck is here!
    Aloha, introducing Holopono "To move with righteousness".. Holopono will be in Santa Cruz, Monterey and beyond serving Pupus, poke, plate lunch and more! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @holoponosc. You can email us for pricing for your private event or party at HUGE Mahalo's to CJ from GRAPHIC ...
  • Meli's Island Treats!
    Every Aloha Friday Ms. Meli delivers a new, exciting and 'ONO (delicious) dessert for our patrons to enjoy! Made locally here in Santa Cruz, Meli's Island Treats creates incredible gourmet desserts with tropical island inspiration! Anything from Hapa Haole Mousse Cake (pictured) to 'Okakopa Cheesecake, Mango Chiffon ch...

Upcoming Shows & Events

  • Ka-Nalu-3KA NALU Returns
    20th Oct 2017 6:30:pm
    It’s hard to believe that this band – one of the first bands to play at Pono more than 6 years ago, HASN’T BEEN ON OUR STAGE FOR 6 MONTHS! Well, fortunately that’s all about to change since they will be back next Aloha Friday to show us what they’ve been doing. It’s understandable that...
  • Pomaika`i Oct.“POMAIKA`I” – JD, Ray (Kala Blind) & Art, with Kanoe
    27th Oct 2017 6:30:pm
    In this part of Northern California – in – Monterey and San Francisco Bay Areas and beyond – and inland as well, “swapping” seems to be a common occurrence. Fortunately, we’re NOT talking about wife swapping like they did some 20-30 years ago. These days it’s about swapping and borrowing band members. It can be...
  • PONO Promo GENERICHere They Come – GIB
    3rd Nov 2017 6:20:pm
  • hoomana in treeHo`omana
    10th Nov 2017 6:30:pm
  • Kalama Brothers Keau CDThe Kalama Brothers First Visit to Pono
    17th Nov 2017 6:30:pm
    After repeated attempts at getting these real-life brothers up from Southern California, we are FINALLY gonna have it happen on Nov. 17th. The combination of their and our busy schedules had made finding a date convenient to all extremely difficult. Here’s a bit of bio culled from their website; Ryan and Kai Kalama grew up...